About our Carbon Survey

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HKQAA will conduct a territory-wide research project about the carbon management performance of local organisations by collecting “Carbon Performance Questionnaire” through this e-Platform. The performance data obtained will be analysed annually to reveal the progress of carbon management among organisations in Hong Kong. It will provide an overall picture of the city’s progress towards achieving carbon targets. Please click here to view the 2013 report.


Benefits of joining our survey

When answering the questionnaire, participants may choose to fully or partially reveal their information to the general public, or if desired, they may keep the information confidential. Through this questionnaire, organisations are able to:


- conveniently understand their existing carbon performance

- benchmark against other organisations

- learn by comparing their own performance with others, to generate ideas for continuous improvement

- contribute to the sustainability of business and society as a whole


We believe our e-Platform will facilitate organisations to adopt a methodical approach to carbon management. Our centralised database of carbon performance can also facilitate information flow and knowledge-building among industries and the general public. With these useful and innovative tools, we hope to motivate the uptake of carbon reduction by organisations in Hong Kong and so contribute to a low-carbon economy.



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