How to Disclose Carbon Performance

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Organisations can conveniently understand and disclose their existing carbon performance by completing the “Carbon Performance Questionnaire” on our e-Platform. When answering the questionnaire, they may choose to fully or partially reveal their information to the general public, or if desired, they may keep the information confidential.


Participants are required to submit the completed questionnaire together with the "Disclosure Declaration Form". After processing, HKQAA will display the submitted carbon information for their selected level of disclosure on the e-Platform.


3 Easy Steps to Disclose Your Carbon Performance


1. Fill in the Carbon Performance Questionnaire on this e-Platform
2. Choose your level of disclosure when answering the questions
3. Submit the questionnaire together with the "Disclosure Declaration Form"


After processing, your carbon information will be displayed on this e-Platform



A simple and user-friendly reporting method

With the aim of assisting organisations to provide their carbon information in a simple, user-friendly and methodical  way, the questionnaire was designed according to a disclosure framework set out by the HKQAA. The framework was established on the basis of several international standards such as ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard and ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gases. Areas of Greenhouse such as Gas Management and GHG Reporting information (Scope 1 – Scope 3) are covered.


The Carbon Disclosure Questionnaire acts as guidance for organisations to determine their physical boundaries and to identify operations for reporting purpose. There are several sections for reporting, including:


- GHG management, direct emissions and removals (Scope 1);

- Energy-related indirect emissions (Scope 2);

- Other indirect emissions (Scope 3); and

- GHG offsets/ removals.


Benefits of disclosing carbon management information

We believe our e-Platform will encourage Hong Kong public and private organisations, irrespective of size and industry, to implement carbon management measures in a methodical way. It also enables them to:


- conveniently showcase their commitment to and achievements in carbon management

- share their performance data and benchmark against other organisations

- gain practical ideas on how other organisations establish their low-carbon culture

- learn by comparing their own performance with others, to generate ideas for continuous improvement

- contribute to the sustainability of business and society as a whole



Submit Your Carbon Performance Questionnaire Now! 

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