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Climate change has become one of the most dramatic challenges facing human beings. Many governments have already established policies and regulations to help tackle this issue. In addition to fulfilling various new international carbon management requirements, enterprises are expected by today’s global consumers and investors to enhance their transparency in carbon management.


An efficient tool to demonstrate carbon performance

In view of this, Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) and the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) launched the “HKQAA-HKJC Carbon Disclosure e-Platform (CDeP)” in June 2013. This project aims at motivating local organizations to combat climate change and stimulating public awareness towards this issue. HKJC is funding the project while HKQAA provides the manpower for establishing and operating the web-based platform.


CDeP offers an efficient and user-friendly internet channel that Hong Kong organisations can use to share their performance data and good practices in carbon management. Organisations can learn by comparing their own performance with other organisations, so as to generate ideas for continuous improvement, while the general public can search for and browse carbon information for reference.


Carbon Performance Questionnaire & Territory-wide Survey

As the content provider for this project, HKQAA set out the framework by which organisations can methodically disclose their carbon management information. This framework was developed with reference to several international standards, including the ISO 14001 environmental management standard and the ISO 14064 greenhouse gases management standard, among others. With the aim of assisting organisations to provide their carbon information in a simple and user-friendly way, HKQAA used this framework to design a questionnaire to obtain the required performance data.


By completing this “Carbon Performance Questionnaire” on our e-Platform, organisations can conveniently understand and showcase their existing carbon performance. It also enables them to benchmark against and learn from others, thus continually improving their performance.


In addition, HKQAA will conduct a research project about the carbon management performance of local organisations using the information collected using this platform. The performance data collected will be analysed annually to reveal the progress of carbon management among organisations in Hong Kong. It will provide an overall picture of the city’s progress towards achieving carbon targets. Please click here to view the 2013 report.


Benefit both businesses and society

We believe our e-Platform will facilitate organisations to adopt a methodical approach to carbon management, and encourage them to showcase their commitment to carbon reduction while learning from others. Our centralised database of carbon performance can also facilitate information flow and knowledge-building among industries and the general public.


Our goal is for all participants to integrate carbon management into their corporate policies, and eventually fulfill the ultimate goal of “carbon neutrality”, while making positive contributions to the sustainability of business and society as a whole.



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